About Us


The Women’s Entrepreneurship Research Forum was started by a group of researchers working in the area of comparative, quantitative analysis of female entrepreneurship development. The process of trying to identify data useful for female entrepreneurship worldwide is fraught with disappointments:  Data is often missing, patchy or nonexistent. Yet we were often left wondering… have we missed something important?

By creating this forum, we hope to consolidate and share data, research and reports on female entrepreneurship, in the spirit of collaboration and not duplication…

Specifically we hope that other researchers will benefit from

  • Sharing existing datasets and objective reviews as to the pros and cons of using those datasets
  • Learning about new research, data and events;
  • Consolidated lists of research and resources
  • Insightful blogs

And we look forward to your contribution!


The Women’s Entrepreneurship Research Forum’s website is an independent platform managed by  ACG Inc