Women’s Entrepreneurship Research Forum’s threefold mission:

(1) To act as a valuable resource for researchers, policy-makers, students, entrepreneurs and others interested in female entrepreneurship data worldwide;

(2) To provide a platform for exchanging the latest data related developments on female entrepreneurship;

(3) Consolidate existing data identifying where gaps in data and knowledge exist.

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Latest Data

Research Roundup

Guest blog post by Julie Weeks

rodeo-julie-1A number of reports of interest have been published recently. Just in case you missed ‘em, here is a round-up : [read more]

Review:  Enhancing Access: Assessing the Funding Landscape for MENA’s startup 1/15/15

725850_newspaper_series_1This new report launched in October 2014 focuses specifically on funding in MENA countries. According to the report [read more …]

Including Equal Legal Rights in the 2014 Gender-Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index

1155578_earth_3dEqual legal rights form the foundation for the development of ‘high potential’ female [read more …]